Display Advertisement Sizes

Double Page Spread, Full Page, Half Page Portrait and Landscape, Quarter Page Portrait and Landscape, Eighth Page and Semi Display.

For information on display advertising and enhanced text please contact the Directory Team on
01481 757367 or email: directoryteam@sure.com


Bound Inserts ‐ Including Free Full Page Full Colour Advert

Two page (double sided) full colour bound insert printed on 250gsm glossy paper. Bound in strategic positions within the book, with free linked full page full colour advertisement under the classification of your choice, POA.

Inserts or Onserts

A leaflet, flyer or pamphlet for inclusion inside or wrapped outside the bound Directory. Finished artwork required and sent direct to our printer by specified date, POA.

Fillers - Eight Identical 1/8th Full Colour Adverts

Placed at random throughout the classified section, contact us for rates.

Finished artwork preferred or prepared by us at applicable rates.

TEXT ADVERTISING RATES 2018 for additional or enhanced entries.


Alpha Pages

Standard text £28 per line per annum
Standard Email & URL's £29 per line per annum
BOLD TEXT £56 per line per annum
SUPER BOLD BLUE £99 per line per annum

Classified Pages

Standard text £29 per line per annum
Standard Email & URL's £30 per line per annum
BOLD TEXT £58 per line per annum
SUPER BOLD RED or GREEN £116 per line per annum

Text Entry Policy

The first time a Sure* telephone/fax or mobile number appears in standard format in the Telephone Directory it is free of charge. Our policy for standard directory entries in the Alpha pages is to include surname or company name, one set of initials, installation address and service number.

Each number must initially appear in the Alpha pages (White Pages) before it can appear in the Classified pages (Yellow pages).

Charges will be incurred should the entry be in bold enhanced text or an additional entry for that same number is requested. In the Classified pages every line is chargeable, there are no free entries.

Text entries are carried forward automatically to the next issue and charged at the appropriate rates, unless advice is received from the customer to cease or amend prior to the closing date of print.

*Charges may apply to Other Licensed Operators' numbers in print. Please be aware that, as we do not have control or knowledge of any changes to these numbers, it is your responsibility to advise any amendments, such as ceasing, code changes etc. inwriting prior to the closing date.

Directory Entry Amendment/Telephone Line Cancellation/New Line

If you wish to change your entry in the phone book or cancel your telephone line please download, print and fill out the appropriate form below, then either post it back to us or drop it into one of our retail stores.


Terms & Conditions