Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Guernsey Online Directory?
A: It's a directory of the Bailiwick of Guernsey Alphabetical and Classified listings which include Banner Advertisemnts.

Q: Can I remove my listing before the next data update?
A: Yes, you will need to request ex directory status to remove your entry from the published directory, directory enquiries and the Guernsey Online Directory. Please contact Information Services to request this option, email

Q: How do I advertise in the Guernsey Online Directory?
A: Please contact Information Services for details, email

Q: How are the classified listings sorted?
A: Listings are sorted alphabetically within the category.

Q: I have an advert in the published book, why am I not listed in the category?
A: This is an online directory based on text entries as appearing in the published directory. Display advertisers will only appear if they have text entries within that category or banner advertising.

Q: How can I amend my entry in the Guernsey Online Directory?
A: By filling out the Directory Entry Amendment form and either posting it back to us or dropping it into one of our retail stores.

Q: Do I need cookies enabled in order to use the site?
A: Yes, you need to enable session cookies in your browser before you can search the directory.

Q: When will the next data update occur?
A: Updates are done approximately every six weeks

Q: Company Names - "And" and "Ampersands"
A: If you are searching for a company name which includes "and" in the title, try using "&" or ignoring "and" completely.

Q: I cant find what I am looking for, what am I doing wrong?
A: Our new search function is smart and does manage similes, some miss spellings, and uses a thesaurus. However we can't always return a result for your search, please try again using alternate phrases, spellings or search by category (e.g plumbers), A-Z, or look on the map if you know where the listing may reside. See the help page for more details.

Q: Am I listed online?
A: If you are listed in the paper directory you will also be in the online version.