How to get listed in the Guernsey Online Directory

If you are already appearing in print in the Guernsey Telephone Directory your entry will automatically be included in the Guernsey Online Directory unless you have requested ex directory status.

If you do not want your number published in our Online Directory you will need to request ex directory status to be removed from print. Please contact us by email at if you need to request this. Your details will no longer appear following the next update.

How to get listed in the Telephone Directory

Every Sure fixed telephone or fax number automatically* appears in the Alpha Pages unless ex directory status has been requested by the person responsible for the telephone or fax line.

If you wish to have a new fixed telephone line or cancel your telephone line please visit my account.

Mobile numbers are automatically ex directory unless a directory entry has been requested. This is achieved by completing and returning a GSM Directory Entry Form.

If you wish to amend your directory entry please print and return a Directory Entry Amendment form, these can also be found at the back of the directory along with information on standard entries and closing dates.

The first time a number appears in print in standard format it is free of charge. Charges will be incurred should the entry be in bold text or for any additional entry for that same number. Email addresses and URL's are also chargeable.

Each number must initially appear in the Alpha pages before it can appear in the Classified section. Each line in the Classified section is chargeable.

If you wish to have any additional, enhanced or classified text entries please print and return an F1 form. This form can also be found at the back of the directory.

Text entries in the Alpha and Classified sections are carried forward automatically to the next issue and charged at the appropriate rates unless advice is received from the customer to cease or amend prior to the closing date.

*Subject to connection prior to the closing date.